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“I recently went through a bad divorce and my credit score got messed up. Credit365 were reassuring and explained how a car loan would help rebuild my credit. I finally have hope in restoring my financial position. I highly recommend this company and will recommend to friends and family!”
Michael CalizMichael CalizToronto, ON
“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU CREDIT365. They were personable, non-judgemental like other car loan places I’ve applied to and helped me get a new van just in time for the arrival of my wife and I’s fourth child. THANK YOU.”
Sahil RanjitSahil RanjitBrampton, ON
“I was rejected by so many other car loan websites. Finally, credit365 was the first company to offer me car financing! I was losing all hope and then when they told me I could get the sedan I wanted, I just wanted to hug everyone there! The lady that helped me all the way through made it such a personable experience and I was able to reach her anytime I had a question. She was so patient and understanding to my situation. I am finally able to say I own a vehicle!”
Miriam WhiteMiriam WhiteScarborough, ON
“I just got to Canada a year ago. I have no credit. My friend suggested I apply online for a car loan and credit365 was able to help me. I am so grateful because I really needed a car for my new job. Credit365 was very friendly and professional and made the process smooth and simple!”
Alexei PetrovAlexei PetrovToronto, ON
“I desperately needed a car. I work for a private detective agency and one of the requirements was to own my own car but with a previous bankruptcy, no one would give me a car loan. How could I make money to rebuild my credit if I couldn’t get a job without a car? Luckily, credit365 was able to approve me. They gave me a chance at rebuilding my life – I am forever grateful!”
Adam BentleyAdam BentleyWindsor, ON
“When I was young, I opened too many credit cards without realizing the damage it would do to my credit score. Now I’m an adult and was in desperate need of a car. Credit365 was so helpful and I got the cute and new VW Jetta I wanted in under a week after I applied.”
Sarah Anne PilgramSarah Anne PilgramLondon, ON
“CREDIT365 IS A LIFESAVER. They gave me so many car options – I was shocked I had so many choices. I explained to them my very painful situation that lead me to my poor credit and they were so understanding. They made me feel so comfortable. I am so happy I came across credit365!”
Jacqueline LeeJacqueline LeeMarkham, ON
“I was sick of riding public transportation everywhere I went. Especially in the winter, the streetcars and subways would be packed or break down every other day. This was really affecting the image I was giving to my boss as an unreliable worker. I decided it was time to get a car and a friend recommended me to go to credit365. They got me a new car in no time! The service was surprisingly fast and I am able to get to work on time now!!!”
Adalberto AlamillaAdalberto AlamillaNiagara Falls, ON